Ok, so this is totally outdated, and since I don't really want to stall the whole process of sharing new blogs, songs, and cover songs with you, I decided it was more efficient to add some clarifying side notes rather than re write the whole darn thing right now!

So please refer to the parentheses for the updates.

It was only a few years ago (not including the last 4 years I spent birthing babies), that the only likely way to catch Haley K Turner singing her original tunes was if the lights were out! And so perhaps that is why this vivacious (and exhausted) singer songwriter from Kelowna, BC proves to be one of Canada’s hidden talents (you'll mostly find me hiding at playgrounds in a non creepy way, coffee shops and mom and munchkin classes now). With unabashedly cheerful, and deceptively clever lyrics her debut record titled “Ready or Not” begs for acoustic guitars and strummy choruses. With (past) comparisons to Dido, Lisa Loeb and Chantal Kreviazuk, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by Haley’s sweet delivery and refreshing spirit. (Although, my new music may have a bit of a different vibe) And with an uncanny sense of humor she’s a pleasure to watch.

"I write about stories I have heard, people who have inspired me, and random moments I experience (don't worry, I don't have any current plans to sing about all the times my kids have puked on me". Thank you to all my family, extended family, friends and fans. Without you, my heart would be a little less full and this CD would be blank." (Still true!)

Haley K Turner


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