With an eclectic background in the performing arts, Haley K Turner’s beautifully crafted songs, showcase her as a well-rounded songwriter, with an unanticipated, captivating voice.

Having grown up in Kelowna B.C. while it was still small-ish, the now Vancouverite still embodies that small town girl, determined to better the world through heartfelt and thought provoking lyrics.

Following in her father’s musical footsteps, (Ray Turner; Haymarket Riot and The Puckerton Beach Band circa 1960’s/ 70’s), Turner’s voice begs for acoustic guitars and strummy choruses. With unabashedly cheerful and deceptively clever lyrics, the songs on her debut recording have pop appeal but aren’t concerned with the industry standard boxes. This comes as no surprise seeing as Haley doesn’t like rules, or being put in a box.

While her debut EP, titled “Ready or Not” clearly shows that one of her strengths is in upbeat, radio friendly, soft rock, the dark-leaning dynamic that appears in“Never Thought I’d See the Day” jumps out in contrast to the high-spirited tenor of the preceding songs. Perhaps, foreshadowing Haley’s ability to surprise us with something new in her next release. Hint, hint. Coming 2019!

But music is not the only thing in the works for the Canadian songstress. Her lifelong calling to pursue her muse, has brought her full circle, and she is now merging her love for music, acting and advocacy, by immersing herself into pretty much anything that strikes her fancy. In search of a platform where she can utilize her strengths in all things creative, all while being a stay at home parent to her two munchkins. Or rather, as someone wise once said, the executive of her household. And perhaps a household name if given the chance.

It’s hard not to be mesmerized by Haley’s sweet delivery and refreshing spirit. And with an uncanny sense of humour, she’s a pleasure to watch. Stay tuned for her upcoming releases, and please, help this indie artist reach a brand new audience by sharing her music on whatever social media platform you use. She won’t give you any royalties but she doesn’t make any money anyways!

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